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Cecilia's Claim (Behind Closed Doors, #2) - Raven McAllan,  Lee Brazil I love spy and smuggler romps set in the West Country. I love historical romance; it is where my romance reading originated. That said, I had a hard time reading this story. While I enjoyed the hoyden, not gonna fall-in-line heroine and her two former lovers, Phillipe and Caleb, I had problems with the dialogue and the often repeated pleasure/pain concept.Most confusing and distracting were the awkward speech patterns, some of which were nearly indecipherable and had to be reread for clarity. I'm going to include in here the overuse and misuse of the term "diktats" as well. Finally, the clunky handling of light BDSM practices and Cecy's continual internal debate about it made me want to A) smack her, B) roll my eyes, and C) cringe at the trio's combined inability to discuss the matter. Unfortunately, these elements overshadowed a promising polyamorous story between three fully committed lovers.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews