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Breaking Bethany - Anna Keraleigh Bethany, the innocent virgin doing everything she can to help save here sister from slave traders.Clarin, the mercenary hired to make it happen.Training of Bethany to appear submissive begins during the journey. Sweet, and basic training scenes regarding pose and response to commands.Though common in sci-fi stories, but since it was not brought up until training, why Bethany is referring to Clarin as "Master" instead of "Mistress" was a bit confusing since no gender neutral appellations had been noted in the story previously. This become clear later in the story. The sci-fi element is not overwhelming, in fact, there's times when one could easily forget that aspect. Another more significant issue is that Clarin doesn't seem to have the appropriate degree of selfishness/ self preservation required for an experienced mercenary. Unless she's quitting the business she way too soft and burning bridges she can't afford to lose.Still, she’d rather have her name dragged through the mud than risk Bethany or her sister’s life.Overall, Clarin and Bethany's story is sweet and sensual with some delightful play between the parties. In the entire story among the main characters there is no dubious consent or non-consent even though the title implies a much more aggressive setting. It's a quick, pleasant, and uncomplicated read with loving interactions between the protagonists. Recommended to readers who are looking for a F/f sugarkink read.Favorite quote:Being bisexual was like having a hand in each honey pot.