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Bucking the crowd or somehow I read a different book. Put in spoiler tags 'cause my grievances reveal significant plot points.

Sam is a complete and utter ass and I want to smack Jory until he realizes he DOES NOT need that hot--cold shit Sam seems to think is reasonable. No caring human being is that inconsiderate about basic feelings and no! Not giving Sam a Go Free card 'cause he's having an identity crisis. I get the once even twice, but they go three times 'all in'. 

I liked the developing relationship between Dane and Jory, but there was so much not explained prior to the adoption that I felt like I missed part of the story. Sure they're like peas in a pod or sirens for women and men, each calling one sex until they become enthralled. Yeah...that was a bit too good to be true, too. 

I think the reader needs to buy into the fantasy aspect right away or this is not going to work. I suppose, I liked Jory and I was interested in his story, but the events surrounding his life are surreal. It's a production with some zealous directing and a plethora of drama points. 

In the end, I was aggravated by this book because there were several times when I was really enjoying it and going with it when all of a sudden a random monkey wrench was tossed in and wrecked the flow. It was like playing Chutes and Ladders and constantly being sent back to the beginning again.