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Mad About the Boys - J.L. Merrow,  Josephine Myles An anthology of MMF short stories encompassing paranormal (fae) to contemporary settings. The menage focus is a complete triangle with all three participants interacting with each other, which is my preference. It is an entertaining collection, but I enjoyed the contemporaries more. Took me a moment to figure out why. Honestly, short stories are difficult for me to enjoy because often there isn't enough time to explore the elements of the story or the focus is off and I feel like it isn't complete. That wasn't really the case here. In the instance of the fae stories, there generally needs to be more background information divulged to create the setting/world and in a way it seemed to shorten the time allotted to the characters and the plot. Add in the humor that flows so much easier in a contemporary story and I was much more amused. DINNER FOR THREE by JL Merrow--3.5 starsYummy. Food-play fun with oblivious Claire and her two ginger roommates, Justin and Tom. Made me hungry in more ways than one. *Favorite quote: Pulling out of Justin’s grasp, she carefully picked up some bite-sized pieces of salmon and held them over Tom’s mouth for him to snap at like a dolphin at the aquarium.IN THE GREENWOOD by Josephine Myles -- 3 starsJay, Will and Mirabelle. The magic of the woods brings these three lovers together. Jay, the solitary artist yearns for touch. Will loved the woods and his small piece of it. Mirabelle has protected the woods for years and sees a way to keep these two souls she wants in her woods. Quite romantic and sweet.ANTITHESIS OF MAGIC by JL Merrow -- 2.5 starsMax, Lila, and Gus: three incompletes searching for something more, that piece denied them. Magic in the moonlight and things shift for them. I found this very interesting, but felt more like a prologue than a complete story since I was left with way too many questions and a sense of...is that it? Really? That's it? *harrumph*THE CHANGELING by JL Merrow -- 3 starsMeg and Adam, childhood friends who discover with a kiss that they can be so much more. A bargain is demanded and results in them meeting Meadowsweet. Mischief and faerie magic twist this tale. Cute and sensual, it keeps to the traditional idea of interactions with the fae.KISS, MARK TWO by Josephine Myles -- 3.5 starsSexy fun as Ruby tempts Tyler with the idea of a threesome, and then suggests his best friend, Mark. Just naughty enough to be slightly raw, but no nearly long enough. Seriously, I wanted more for both me and the characters.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews