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Love Continuance and Increasing - Julian Griffith An uncommon regency love affair, Austen with a twist.A sweet romance that meanders and explores love and duty. William is a lieutenant who has managed to rise from less prestigious beginnings. Anthony is the second son of a viscount who is elevated after tragedy. Duty and responsibility means not neglecting to produce heirs, a weight Anthony is well aware of.This story embraces a range of sexual preferences and all three protagonists have experienced fluidity to a degree prior to engaging in their menage a trois. So if any of the possible alignments are not to your reading preference than this story will not appeal. That said there is near equal time given to both M/M and M/F configurations and brief allusions to F/F.Great tone and period realism without the glittery Ton. The historical references are wonderful and are well researched. Like Austen, this is a sedately paced story that focuses on the everyday rather than the extraordinary moments to explain this love affair. So...How do a naval officer and an Infantry officer find love? ---With a little luck. I felt that the handling of the situation when Anthony announced his intentions to offer for Caroline were both realistic and appropriate for officers and gentlemen. The ensuing and developing relationship between Anthony and Caroline after their marriage is where the interesting emotions come into play. Overall, a beautiful and romantic love affair that grows, changes and grows again. Recommended to Austen fans who'd like something a little different. Favorite quote:"William is the best of men, and it's no surprise you should love him. I love him, too."~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews