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Wireless - L.A. Witt The Future: Sanitized for your protectionLife in the megapolis of San Angeles after environmental and biological disasters have fallen and humanity has recovered--to a better, cleaner place. Sanctioned behaviors rule life under Big Brother's eye.Keith is a medical technician, a simtech, responsible for programming and overseeing patients prescribed orgasms. He never questions the clinical nature of his existence until one patient makes him want--more.Aiden flirts and lures Keith, before long he drags him into the underbelly of San Angeles, the wireless lounges. The place where people go to find more than the prescribed. Surprise! There's many things that simulation never could quite replicate.While I enjoy futuristic dystopia reads, Wireless had few slow moving spots as the repeated visits slowly replay just a little differently. They lend credibility to Keith's conflicted nature, but do drag. There's a lot of introspection revolving around Keith's feelings about himself and society laws and structure. The repetitive story elements are suppose to seem like a slow descent, but for a dystopian storyline it moves SLOW.Recommended to ponderers and dystopia diehards.Favorite quote: If it was just an orgasm or two, no one would take these risks, but we need human contact.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews