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The Flesh Cartel #7: Homecoming (The Flesh Cartel Season 3: Transformation) - Heidi Belleau, Rachel Haimowitz Carrots for everyone!Well after last episode's spectacular clusterfu@k! We've decided to not completely destroy the toys by not giving them the stick mercilessly as they recover. So carrots it is.Again Doug, seriously...we're having this conversation? We've had it before--EYES on the ball. Focus, you're smart enough--Don't be weak! You fold for fucking food! Seriously! The first and most basic of psychological conditioning--STUPID, stupid boy.To say I'm unhappy with Doug is an understatement. He can do better. Now Mat. Jesus H Christ! Get rid of the albatross or succeed now--because where you are now is a mire, the doldrums of your mind--never moving and not the slightest hint of it.Loved the ending. Unfortunately, I don't think it going to go the way I hope so preparing for disappointment in episode #8.Favorite quote:Growing out of a dream wasn’t the same as having it just . . . die.Or be taken from you.