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Finding King - Casey K. Cox 3.5 starsImagine Robin Hood and his Merry Men as Space Pirates..got it? Then you get it.Merrick and the crew have spent the majority of their lives together adventuring across the galaxy after escaping their destinies. What's a little pirating to keep the engines running? Except one of the those raids went bad and they lost a comrade.Years later and the crew is still mourning Jessie's loss, but none more than Merrick. Until the latest raid uncovers the unimaginable. I love space operas and this is a classic set up for a series with a whole slew of characters introduced and an agenda for the future laid out. While I enjoyed it the unrelenting pace with no breathers was frantic and the reportage style left me feeling disconnected from the characters. I want to read the sequel, but it needs to S...L...O...W down and revel in some of the moments so we don't sprint the distance. I recommend this book to space adventure junkies.Favorite quote:"Anything you put in my mouth you're going to lose."Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews~~A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~