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Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1) - Kim Dare 4.5 starsExcellent read with a heavy dose of emotion on both sides of the m-m D/s relationship. This is one of the best fairytale adaptations or appropriations I've ever read. In a short novel length Dare successfully addresses not only the relationship between the two protagonists, but sociological class issues as well. There is a sensitivity to the handling of the material that is deft and unobtrusive to storytelling.That said, I had one small problem and it revolved around the protagonists' names. While I thought both names were lovely sounding they immediately suggested alternate meanings which kept my brain going back and forth in a loop. Ori reminded me of a shortened form of oriole, which he was not and Raynard, when pronounced and I do talk in my head sounds like Renard (fox in French). I constantly had to slap myself to drop the connections. But I did love that Raynard was a Goshawk, or bird of prey that hunts other birds, especially waterfowl, which Ori is believed to be. Plus, it makes the other birds reactions in the "nest", homebase for the avian shifters, immediately understandable. Overall, it is a lovely and sweet tale with a good deal of tugging at the heartstrings.