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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf
Ellery's Duty - Kim Dare Upside down cake.Yep! Just when the world of werelions seemed clear--there's the exception. And quite exceptional is he: Kefir. The sweetest, most adorable and charmingly, not annoyingly, naive creature I've read in a long while. True innocence is like a Holy Grail; it always seems so contrived, but it is the little mannerisms that nail this character. Brava! I usually roll my eyes, but Kefir pulls it off beautifully. The other half of the equation: Ellery. He needs to do some adjusting and for a man of his talents and background, this does not sit well. Arslan and he reenact mountain sheep head-butting battles, but it's amusing and understandable. Yep. Like an addict I'm just imbibing these with total disregard. Next!Favorite quote:The difference between being answerable to someone and belonging to someone was far too subtle to find favor with him, right then.