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Sixteen Songs About Regret - J.S. Cook 4.5 starsAbelard. The medieval reference to an equivalent "rock star" is foreboding and as soon as the stage name is uttered you know tragedy will follow. As a love story, this one tries to kill you. In fact, I guarantee that you will harbor dark thoughts about all the characters, save one. You will also be surprised. Multiple times. Simon, imperfect and fragile does seem to be an unlikely hero, but whether or not you agree with his coping techniques--you will love him.This story is complicated and difficult. If you're looking for sweet and easy--this is not your book. It's like watching the rising tide taking out a sandcastle with each incoming wave. It's not kicking down the parapet that destroys it, but the relentless wearing at the foundations. Watching Simon and his constant battles is heartbreaking. Now the style may not appeal to all readers. Written like flickers of consciousness or remembrance--moving backwards and forwards in time. Always off balance, even when you think things seem normal, in fact that's when you should worry the most. Lamentation, is a constant state with misguided, lost moments and the egregious evil in a relentless rolling forwards. There is a complexity to the characters and as the story progresses the kaleidoscope is turned and your understanding shifts to adjust the new perspective. I especially, loved Jacky and Piet.Unless you are in possession of an emotional hardiness few mortals possess then this book must be read in bright sunshine with birds singing and a sweet breeze blowing. It is DEVASTATING. If you are extremely empathetic use caution. Both a strength and significant drawback is the shift in POV is often quick and you have to be paying close attention to follow whose body you are presently inhabiting; I missed cues at least three times and had to reread a paragraph. You will wonder if things are real or hallucinations; essentially, you will be forced to experience the disorientation of the character--glorious beauty, unbearable pain, and blinding numbness.Favorite quote:"It feels as if we have known each other forever and we are just picking up the threads of a conversation started long ago, in some other place."~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews