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Cameron's Pride - Kim Dare Trading places.Cameron is use to taking care of things for himself, ever since he went rogue a couple years back. In this case, taking care means he's not the one taken care of or even cared for. Franklin's more than willing to care for him and pay whatever it takes. A man use to taking charge he's about to find out the two things he's always counted on won't work with Cameron.Both protagonists have issues to deal with and as it turns out, guilt is an equally opportunity albatross to carry. Unfortunately, I never got either man's guilt completely. I understood it, but I didn't feel it and it didn't seem to click. The issue felt forced in places. I felt Franklin's submission was much more successfully illustrated and it was only marred by the guilt.Usually, I want to throttle Arslan's meddlesome ways, but here--spot on. His intervention and the ensuing pride meeting was purrfect--I had to do it at least once. A nice conclusion to the series as Keifer's work is finally completed.Favorite quote:"Damn, but he actually made the whole ‘stunning while psychotically angry’ bull that people spouted make sense."