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Rentboy - Fyn Alexander I wanted to love this book more than I did. Truly. Desperately.On the face of it Fox and Eddie should make a great story albeit unconventional. Eddie the unanchored genius researcher and Fox, the hooker with a heart of gold whose lives intersect and change course dramatically. And boy do they ever. Wrapped with intrigue, violence and some soul searching--all things I like, but I was unable to connect.I guess it is the never-ending tone of quiet desperation that saturates the story. People fall between the cracks all the time, but this beyond. The prime antagonist becomes more and more of a cardboard caricature so by the end I no longer believe he's a character, but rather an unreal manifestation of evil personified, poorly. And the Twins...well, they're heartbreaking and the mother is another exercise in extreme. Too many characters on the edge or over it make the story implausible. While the tie in with Angel and the Assassin was brief it was actually a relief and a glimmer. With regret--2.5 stars