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Duty to the Crown - Rebecca Cohen 3.5 starsThe continuing tale of Sebastian/Bronwyn and Anthony is a charming Elizabethan story, and while charming is not a term I generally associate with that period of time, more like cunning and duplicitous, the love is a sweet one. I actually, really like romances that explore the trials and triumphs beyond the first blush of a relationship. While "honeymoon romances" are exciting and lustful, the demonstrations of an established love are often more profound. Anthony certainly seems to have a better understanding of himself and what Sebastian truly means to him in this story. The difference in Sebastian and Anthony's styles in attacking a problem are entertaining. I definitely enjoyed seeing that the sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander--watching Anthony loose it was precious even if a little vindictive and petty on my part. *Big grinGripes? Stop calling him "His Grace", he's an earl! The misuse of titular designation actually confused me the first couple times since I kept trying to figure out who and how some mysterious duke suddenly appeared, and resulted in huffs in subsequent occurrences. Lesser in transgression, but still a niggling disconnect from the story is the cavalier attitude both Anthony and Sebastian have while carrying on the deception. The level of political intrigue of the Elizabethan court is not for dabblers, the consequences are truly life and death and while it is alluded to in words neither character seems to feel the gravity of the situation. One might explain it away as Anthony's experience that he can ignore it after prolonged exposure and Sebastian's ignorance saves him from truly internalizing it, yet, I expected more of a crack. Again, it makes for a lighter, sweeter story that plays up the flirtatious games of court.There is still more to rollout plot wise and elements that require resolution, which became more pronounced during this story. The deception that was dangerous to begin with faces even more challenges here.Recommended for non-Regency fans who enjoy countryside romps. Favorite quote: "It’s amazing what a day in normal clothing can do for a man,” he said with a smile.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews