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Ryland's Sacrifice - Kim Dare O My Lions!Well this starts off pretty darn tense and edgy and ends in a tub of marshmallow fluff. Voyeuristic beginning with some uncertain moments for Ryland, our adorable and lovable graduate student. His attempts and egregious failure at communicating with Arslan. Likewise, Arslan's equally tragic ability to communicate until something less desirable happens. That said, there is some great tongue and cheek humor at the end--love Ryland's family explanation and the outcome to his listening to the bad idea fairy.I swear, Dare has a way of selecting names that just peg other associations for me and Arslan had me setting this spinning off into some kinky Narnia with team fun on the Broken Table, but without the scissors and knives. Trust me the side trip my brain took was highly entertaining if just a bit disturbing. Overall, not amazing, but entertaining with the Dare's trademark possessive and loving D/s. Want to know what the rest of the kinky kitties will get up to in the subsequent books though figuring out Luther and Blaine shouldn't be hard and sweet, sweet Kefir. Hmmm...Favorite passage:“Our traditions exist for a reason. Don't dismiss them as if they were designed as an insult to you."