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Dark Soul Vol. 5 - Aleksandr Voinov Awesome. Love the series. I WANT more of this--if not THIS then conceptually similar material. I like life in the penumbra. I have more to say, but I can't without divulging deets, so don't read the spoiler if you haven't read the installment. Love you, Silvio. I want to strangle and beat the crap out of Stefano. I get that this is new to him, unknown territory, but he screwed Silvio over and if the ending doesn't prove to you how gentle Silvio really is than you're a fucking idiot! I'm torn with the trajectory that Stefano took. I guess I don't really believe that second chances of those magnitude are possible. At least he's got the self-loathing as penance for being a dickhead. So...yeah, I like the end even though I didn't play it out this way in my mind. But then I'm more a blaze of glory kinda girl.