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Guttersnipe - Isa K. The future is a mess and this version twists sex and power even more than the present one. Derek is the kind of horror that power hierarchies like to point to in order to justify themselves.Rebels were worshipped before they were put down like dogs. It provided a rare opportunity for such outstanding members of society to savor the illicit vicariously while at the same time patting themselves on the back for their stunning righteousness.The plot is itself wasn't surprising. I loved the beginning, entertained in the second quarter, started to flounder in the third and was pleased with the ending. Overall, I enjoyed this and if it wasn't for Marco's playmanship I would have not rated this as highly as I did. Part of it felt vaguely unsatisfying and I'm at a loss to point to exactly why except that being told from solely Derek's point of view left a lot in the dark. Fun things that might have been enjoyed with some omniscience.Favorite quote:"Cut myself shaving." Evelyn snorted at the suggestion. "What the fuck were you shaving with? A machete?"