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One Night in Scotland (Hurst Amulet) - Karen Hawkins "One Night in Scotland" was a romp of a read. A delightfully strong-willed heroine and a damaged hero, one of my favorites. Hawkins' writing is enjoyable and you feel whisked along. By far my favorite quality of her writing is her characterizations, both the main protagonists and the secondary characters were rich and well-developed.I'd have given it 4 stars, but she whisked me so fast at the end that I felt a bit put out of sorts. Everything was tied up so quickly once the dominoes started to fall that I had wanted it to last longer. Definitely looking forward to reading another in this series and wholeheartedly recommend it to other historical fans.FYI: I don't just click 5 stars. 5 stars is a book that will never leave my library because it can be re-read and enjoyed endlessly, Awestruck. 4 stars is an amazing read. 3 stars is an entertaining read that I don't regret spending a penny on and would happily pass on to friends and recommend. 2 stars is so-so due to problems, either suspension of reality problems, heroines who are TSTL, or plot/character/stylistic issues. 1 star means I wish I hadn't spent the money, and won't drink from the poisoned well again. Needless to say, books that I don't finish don't get any stars.