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Midnight's Wild Passion - Anna Campbell A friend recommended Anna Campbell to me a couple of years ago and I have never been disappointed by one of her books, Midnight's Wild Passion is no exception. She has a gift for making heroines out of characters historically perceived as "inappropriate". While this trend has been ongoing in the romance genre, many of those I've read deal with issues of physicalities; i.e., the less than perfect figure, face, or "infirmity". Egads! This does include eyeglasses. I have a long love affair with historical romance that began with Barbara Cartland and swept through Kathleen Woodiwiss to Julia Quinn, to name a few. Reading regency is like falling into a cushiony sofa and lazing on a warm summer's day.Midnight's Wild Passion is a heartbreakingly poignant tale of two characters making their way, less than ideally, through life. As to be expected, her characters are perfectly flawed and delightful. I won't summarize for you, that's what the blurb's for, but to say this a story well worth reading.Okay, you're thinking, if you loved it so much why only 4 out of 5 stars? Honestly, the resolution of the multiple stories lines though extremely satisfying felt rushed. The pacing left me a bit off centered, yet I was ecstatic with the protagonists' HEA.