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Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changeling, #10) - Nalini Singh Where to start on a book that had me desperately awaiting its release? First, I love the character development of both protagonists (Hawke and Siena). Had to wonder how Singh would be able to give the female in that power couple enough oomph to stand up to Hawke, and success! Singh does a wonderful job creating couples that are well-suited and dynamically realistic, neither entity is given complete power.The overall conflict of the series takes a big twist, but there are several major threads that are unresolved. The birth of Sascha and Lucas's baby is particularly sweet though Lucas seems to have chilled out big time since his mating bond became effective. The issue with the Ghost is progressing nicely and the greater role of the Arrows is a nice add-on. Definitely looking forward to seeing how Judd and Walker play out in future books. Speaking of Walker, the one downside to the book is the heavy emphasis on Walker and Lara in this book. I found that their story hijacked Hawke's and Siena's at times and actually felt a bit resentful. I had expected at least one more serious altercation between Kit and Hawke that never materialized. In fact, I felt that it was glossed over. Hence, the 4 star rating. I will reread it and may adjust my score slightly, but it would be a half point bump to 4.5. Needless to say, I am thrilled that both Hawke and Siena get a HEA.