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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf
Night Betrayed (Envy Chronicles, #4) - Joss Ware This is the only Envy book I've read, but now I gotta say the series has me fascinated. Love the characters, the gritty post-apocalyptic setting, and the overarching conflict. The only thing that drove me absolutely batty, this is a pet peeve of mine so many may not feel the same, is the near constant pop culture references. One or two is fine, maybe even humorous to me, but dozens scream shortcut to me. Describe something and let me decide what it is. I don't need the didactic commentary that someone looks like a young Mel Gibson. Hey Road Warrior is a favorite of mine, but it just yanks me right out of the story. I really liked the story and resented being yanked every single time. Okay rant off. Sorry, but I do have flashpoints.