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Butterfly Unpinned - Bonnie Dee,  Laura Bacchi 3.5 starsThis story is set up with two distinct parts that revolve around the heroine's life. Often, these divisions in storytelling seem abrupt, forced and awkward, but in this case it works well. Butterfly/Sylvia has some serious issues regarding anxiety and self worth and the situation in which we meet her is extreme. The unidealized view of a M/s relationship is probably not going to appeal to several readers. While many of acts are told from a distant past tense summary point of view, there is one particular act that is quite graphic and will exceed many readers tolerance levels. It is not done salaciously, it is intrinsic to story, but nonetheless I feel it deserves comment as an FYI.One aspect of the story I really enjoyed is the Native American protagonist. Nicely done. It's good to see diversity in literature and this in no way felt like pandering or stereotypical. Primary reason I did not rate this higher is the heavy handed treatment of explaining/revealing the psychological motivations of the H/h.