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Tribute - Lisa Henry 3.5 starsGood offering for a non-consensual slave story. A sociological thread of rulership with the basis of a modified Roman model. The world building and description were well done and didn't drag on ad nauseum. I've read a few along this veins and it is enjoyable if cruel at times. Humiliation, floggings, noncon, and a vicious whipping as well as psychological taunts. At points I couldn't understand why Kynon didn't just take a dive out of the window. The underlying theme of finding happiness with what/where you are--acceptance just doesn't ring for me. There are plenty of lives not worth living, and Kynon's was one. The ending was almost a Disney version after all the lead up. Sure I'm glad there was an HEA, but I didn't see the level of maturation in the relationship between the two protagonists (Kynon and Brasius) to warrant it.