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Art in Theory 1900 - 2000: An Anthology of Changing Ideas
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Male Colors: The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan
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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf
Angel and the Assassin - Fyn Alexander Freakin' awesome! Smexy kink meets spy thriller and I loved every single character. Seriously, the characters are written so well that I loved everyone of them--even the complete wanker, Conran. The emotion and motivations are so well done that you can't help but empathize with each. Now granted, this book might totally wig some out with the featured m/m age play, but when I say that it seemed so natural that you couldn't help but understand it--I mean it. This is so out of my reading range and I was blown away. Now I will try and exercise restraint and not gobble up the sequel--I'm a good girl and will not indulge in gluttony. It is only a click away, hmmm...