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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Be Brave - Fyn Alexander Great, but I wanted to kick Kael a couple times myself. His actions while some see as humanizing don't make him better only dead. He knew better and I'm F***ing pissed at him for going back to Paris. Angel is the big winner in this one with the character growth. I liked seeing Kael's teaching techniques and smiled--yeah...probably why I wouldn't make a good teacher. Conran also develops nicely as do Freddie and Adam. Can't wait to read number 3.Favorite quote:Kael shrugged. “I've always been rogue. I've always followed my own path.” “I understand that, but there's a fine line between a trained assassin and a psychopath, and I was afraid you were approaching that line after Misha went. After she died, I was certain you had crossed it.(2239-2241).