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Delicious Sinn (Love is Always Write) - Adrianna Dane Wow. What an emotional ride. The characterizations are brilliant: sharp, rich, and layered. Both Will and Sinn emerge beautifully, if painfully complete by the end of this short stories. I generally don't enjoy short stories--lack of time to develop both plot and characters so that it doesn't seemed rushed or frivolous, but definitely not the case here. The depth is achieved through a good deal of internal monologue on both characters parts, some may find this inferior, but I believe in order to relay the motivations is necessary especially when addressing elements of BDSM.The story contains mild to moderate levels of BDSM, and they are exquisite. I have one small misgiving, Will leaves Sinn cuffed and gagged and goes off to prepare and increase Sinn's tension levels--great mind fuck. It's fine since he's observing him on cameras, but when he goes to take a shower leaving him like that I was like--NO! All it would take is a panic attack, Sinn vomiting and suffocating and this would have been a nightmare story. My suggestion, remove the gag--I'd rather hear his cries than worry about the alternative. I'm letting it slide and hope that people don't use stories as primers.I loved this story and there are some great twists, heartbreaking and breathtaking--the balance is perfect. Due to the one component I'm deducting a star, otherwise...superb.Favorite quote:Something hardened in Sinn's gaze as he stared at Will. "I don't cry. I never cry. My stepfather taught me that. I don't cry. So do your worst, sweetheart. Do your worst."