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Neko - P.L. Nunn Hmmm...it goes with out saying, DON'T ignore the warnings.This is a disturbing book. Beyond the sadism and humiliation, which are unrelenting and extreme, there is the colonial rhetoric validating slavery via the subversion of Darwin's "Origin of Species". I found this to be far more agonizing, the debasement of a race and alleged superiority of another. That said, I reaffirmed some of my personal limits painfully.Some say that the violence is gratuitous, but I disagree. It actually forces the reader to enter the character's arc whether you wanted to or not. Time after time I said, well, it can't get any worse than that and it does--But to prove a point. It mentally breaks you in the same way Dharsha is broken. You realize that you are hoping that it goes too far just to free Dharsha; death becomes the alluring beacon in the darkness.If you can make it through the first ten chapters, good luck, then the story turns. Here is my frustration, the second half isn't an end. Dharsha's character arc is not completed, merely just turning a point. I don't need vengeance, but I do need the transit to be complete and that doesn't happen. Following Dharsha's path, the reader is incomplete and it is unsatisfying. Aargh! Rating is difficult. I want to give 5 points for forcing me to acknowledge reality, 4 points for characterizations, and 2 points for the incomplete story. I'm going to use math and just leave it at 3 stars since I don't round up. The ending is so abrupt it really does beg for a sequel. I also agree with others that this is a slave story and not BDSM, even though there are acts one associates with it. Favorite quote:Ch. 10But it was a different sort of shame than what he was used to. Not the sort that made him want to slit his wrists, but the sort that made him desperately want to do better. That made him desperately want to impress this man and prove his worth.