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Chairman of the Whored - Lucy V Morgan Readers who love dirty workplace sexcapades with uneven power balance will be interested in this book which could best be described as kinky chick-lit. The tone is quirky, irreverent, and whiny. I vacillated between being intrigued at the unfolding events and annoyed by the pretentious witticisms and self-absorption. One is immersed in Leila’s mind as she struggles to find her identity somewhere between tax attorney and whore; the first, her aspiring career as an ambitious, corner-office wannabee and the second, how her education was financed—not as she originally intended. The discovery of her moonlighting job by two fellow attorneys who solicit her unravels the carefully constructed illusion that she can maintain two separate lives. Leila is suddenly faced with decisions she never thought she’d have to make.Matt, another apprentice at the firm is enamored with her and seeks to save her. Young and idealistic he aims to win her heart.Joseph, a prestigious lawyer has no use for hearts, but covets Charlotte—Leila’s alter ego.As the story unfolds the web of Leila’s interactions becomes more tangled and certain truths can no longer be hidden. While I can empathize with her, the pacing is slow as it meanders and she keeps trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Teetering between the two men and lives Leila grapples with the dichotomy that faces all females—to be the virgin or the whore. Ultimately, she has to answer the question: What does she want and what does she need? Honestly, until the last ten percent of the book the kink factor was low. Sure, there’s some nice slutty behavior, but not BDSM. With Leila’s self-acceptance a new door opens, one with some delicious edge play—which still doesn’t excuse the pretentious blade references that one suffers through ad nauseum.A copy was provided by BDSM Book Reviews for a No-Glitter-Blown review.