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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Hour of the Gryphon - Amanda Gannon An entertaining, if simplistic tale of two friends trading places and the repercussions of their decision. THE HOUR OF THE GRYPHON follows the young noblewoman, Avelia as she assumes her best friend, Alaric’s place on the battlefront. Knowing he would never survive his first engagement and wanting more for herself she eagerly suggests the switch. Pretending is easy, but succeeding under close quarters is near impossible—and her secret is soon forfeit.Upon reporting Avelia is assigned as a personal squire to the field commander, General Ionvar; the position vacated by his other squire’s posthumous promotion. Things quickly unravel for Avelia after discovery by Eremon, Ionvar’s other squire and companion in carnal activities. Blackmail doesn’t save her when Ionvar’s comes upon them.What follows is punishment and defiance: lashings and humiliation, all to break Avelia. The subsequent scenes are entertaining if unrealistic, but I was disappointed in the ending which was rushed and felt too much like Disney. The characters did not have time to reach the conclusion they did.Overall, THE HOUR OF THE GRYPHON is a diversion, but not groundbreaking.