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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Slave Boy - Evangeline Anderson 3.5 starsAs BookAddict mentioned, there is a strong resemblance to Star Wars and Obi Wan and Anakin, so much so that it approaches fanfic. Haven's recognition of Wren's powers induces him to purchase the slave and bring him back to Radiant, homeworld of the the Servants of the Light. A treaty negotiation that Haven was woefully ignorant of the parties and their customs--this I found a bit hard to grasp since knowing as much before hand is the key to successful peace talks--leads to some compromising positions for the Master and his Novice. Wren assumes the role of slave during the talks to appease the aggressive Tiberions (still trying to figure out if this is a Kirk, Star Trek ref. or ancient Rome) whom have strict protocols.Memories are stirred, feelings brought to light, and forbidden contact ensured. The resulting passions lead to a whole slew of problems even after negotiations are finished.