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Change of Heart - Mary Calmes Engrossing read. I loved Jin and his handling of a tough deal. Respected and loved his best friend even more for standing by him. The second main character, Logan, wasn't as strong or developed as Jin. In fact, the slight inconsistency at the end kinda annoyed me. When Jin's abusive dad comes and gets in his face and started emotionally abusing him--when Logan failed to rip out his throat--he can't handle his pride mates dissing Jin, but the ass who tried to kill him is okay? Ahh...NO. And where the hell was his bodyguard during this scene? The fact that he didn't automatically find Jin and stay with him as soon as there were strangers in the house was incomprehensible.Anyway it was these inconsistencies that made me delete a star. Really enjoyed the quasi-Ancient Egyptian influence to the societal set up and look forward to reading the second story in the series.