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Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill Much stronger end than beginning. I love Thomas' strength and sense of duty and the struggle between being a sub to Marcus and the head of his family. Marcus's gift to Thomas, the ability to accept a degree of personal selfishness was hard won. While Thomas's gift to Marcus was more fundamental and visceral. Truly well done. What I didn't care for was the odd jumping around in the timeline, backwards and forwards which created instability. Thankfully, this became less of an issue as the story progressed and we were in the present with an occasional flashback. Favorite quotes:When you know you’re worth loving, you can be a little imperfect.Hill, Joey W. (2009-11-01). Rough Canvas (Nature of Desire, Book Six) (Kindle Location 3588). Jasmine Jade. Kindle Edition."Then you came and I remembered that true fear is knowing you have something you can’t bear losing.Hill, Joey W. (2009-11-01). Rough Canvas (Nature of Desire, Book Six) (Kindle Locations 6385-6386). Jasmine Jade. Kindle Edition.