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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Advent: Collected Shorts - S.L. Armstrong, K. Piet While reading this I started off with little summaries for each, but as I progressed I didn't feel they were necessary. I've kept the ones I started and feel free to read them in the spoiler link below, but honestly, this is just a great smorgasbord of tempting tidbits. Most are paranormal with a smattering of others. The voices are great, the peep-a-boo view at the characters are just enough to hook you. Seriously, I want to find the FULL stories behind the whole Maith and House of Shadows--like now. And yes, that's why I deducted a point. Nowhere does it tell you where the shorts align to so I have a new mystery: which short belongs to which story. *sighIcy Desperation-Heartache served bitter and cold.Winner Take All-Cheeky chase and frolicking in the snow.Silent Night- Sweet tortuous night. Mercy.Love and Duty-How to make unpleasant tasks in unpleasant places less...unpleasant. I need to find me Maelog and Darron's full story.Holiday Dreams-Bittersweet revelation.Midnight Snack-The difference between feeding and feasting. Nikola and Aric indulge in this short.Endurance- Is Hope the ultimate cruelty or comfort?While Away the Time-Decadent mating at its finest when wild winter weather strikes.To Be Free-Learning to unlearn and being rewarded quite handsomely. Debt to Be Paid-Take the Bible and Le Mis and put your hands together.