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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf
Puppy Love - Jeff Erno Thoughtful and introspective view of a young man's discovery of what he wants and the struggles he goes through accepting it himself and others' reactions. Petey recognizes his submissiveness at a young age and has the bravery to act upon it. Whether or not Matt is perfect is irrelevant, Petey believes he's perfect for him. And while some of the kinks are not my own Petey and Matt play through them. All the secondary characters are there to expressive viewpoints to "argue" the issue of D/s. But I think one of the most interesting points that Petey comes to understand is that liberal viewpoints aren't truly liberal if they mandate a stance on a subject. I agree with Leah's comment about things that drove her nuts: representations of bisexuality and women.This is not a fast read; it is paced to reflect Petey's acceptance and understanding as his relationship with Matt evolves. It is not salacious, but it made me think.