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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Cinder (Blood Nation, #2) - Derekica Snake Totally messed up. Just when I thought I understood the dynamics at play between Marcus and Xavier I meet three more people. Of course, these three people are actually just separate personalities of Marcus and Xavier and they've been playing tag team unbeknownst to either them or us. Claudius is the voice of reason, again. But his role is increasingly more complicated as he expands his role of assumed Father to more, much more. Xavier starts to give Marcus just as good as he takes, and I admit that as screwed up as it is--I loved it. So wrong...very wrong, but what a dirty little pleasure when love and revenge keep intersecting. Their meet ups are explosive and leave a trail of destruction that even pisses off Chesterton. The Blood Nation plays a larger role as Xavier is introduced and the responsibilities of his Blue Line demand attention. Unfortunately, and more than just a little icky is the familial attention he receives.Screw me if I MUST read the next book, [b:Cinnamon|11102457|Cinnamon (Blood Nation, #3)|Derekica Snake|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1351480674s/11102457.jpg|16024594] like real soon. *shakes fist* I'm on tenderhooks and pissed at both Xavier and Marcus right now.