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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Prime - meus_venator A dark read with a strong underlying moral. Who has rights and why or why not? Big questions and the slide into this world while not immediately threatening is realistic enough to be frightening. Freedom is a constant fight and complacency will yield liberties in the barter of power and security. I really liked this even with the back and forth timeline jumping which was distracting. Not perfect with a few elements of the story undeveloped in this book: the whole Hunters life with vamp nests and creatures that don't resemble anything that presently exists. There are stories set in the Prime world.Warnings include brutal violence including rape, humiliation and degradation. It is not easy to read, it is graphic, but it does serve a purpose in the story. That said, it is harsh enough that there a plenty of people for whom this story will not be appropriate.