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Cereus: Opening - BA Tortuga, Sean Michael, Julia Talbot Overall, this is an interesting take and smash up of shifter tales. Two of the three embrace hybridity and cross-fertilization if you will in some form. How we deal with the differences in life is what makes things interesting and these stories certainly have that. They all veer toward the sweet end of the spectrum, but I like the setup of them all revolving around a central location, the resort Cereus.Pack RulesHistory.Mik and Van have it. After years apart they end up together again working security for a new resort. Van thinks they have issues to settle and Mik thiinks, "Hell No!" Nature is hard to fight and even though Mik believes they're incompatible, a vamp and a were, Van is determined to make him recognize the truth. As a second chances story this is fun and sweet with enough teasing to drive one nuts--I hate coitus interruptus. Downward DogLoneliness.Rian has been looking for a home for so long. Working for the resort he is trying to make a place for himself. He is just gaining momentum when he attracts a different sort of attention, one that he isn't prepared for and meditation doesn't seem to work like it usually does. Gilead has forsaken civilization for years until he's drawn back. Perhaps he will find what he wants in a life he's given up on. My favorite of the group, it is a sweet wooing story where the wooer's methods are so far out of date that the wooee is terrified. Yes, I laughed at the well-intentioned ineptitude with glee.The Bear FactsTime.Hyped up and burning both ends of the candle, Al is a whirling dervish of nervous energy. Nuk is trying to make the most of his one month vacation each year, but when he ends up lost he finds something. Al's up for Nuk's games and the fun begins. Suddenly all those priorities and the incessant tick-tock that ruled both their lives shift. This one falls under the "Surprise!" category and left me with a few unanswered questions and while there was the innuendo of some deviant kinky behavior it never delivered! Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews~~A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~