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Trace Evidence - Alexa Snow Well...Mitch was a jerk and then I upgraded him to asshole and still not sure how I really feel about him. Don't misunderstand--I like assholes. I like people who are strong-willed and plow through dragging others along for the fun, but Mitch never completely made the transition from jerk. I guess I needed more redemption on Mitch's part to be really happy with him. And Clay...don't get me started; he flirts with being a Mary Sue here. Frankly, Freckles was my favorite character.That said, loved the plot and the other characterizations. In fact, this novella is so nicely drawn that it reads like a much longer book with great depth in a short time. Nice suspense and I quavered between possible outcomes; not surprised, but I certainly didn't have it pegged either.I recommend this book to readers who enjoy suspense and don't need to love main characters.Favorite quote:"Baby," Mitch said, cradling Clay's chin in one hand and lifting it a little. "Stop worrying about the fucking couch. We'll get a new one, okay?"~~A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews