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Her Grace's Stable - Joely Sue Burkhart 4.5-5 starsLoved this one's better than the first though [b:Lady Doctor Wyre|10175072|Lady Doctor Wyre (A Jane Austen Space Opera, #1)|Joely Sue Burkhart|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327885131s/10175072.jpg|15073915] was pretty cool. I think the dynamics worked better here. Plus since the first book established an extensive new world/paradigm this one was able to flush out more without having to devote the cycles to delineating the guidelines.Duchess of Blackmyre is a one of the most powerful women in Britannia aside from Queen Majel and after years of military service she has retired. Her devoted companion Cole is sweet, but yearns for a little more than Violet can give him. Fate gives them a second chance but time is running out for Violet.If you've read many of my reviews then you know I've fallen out of favor with a lot of MF literature, and technically this is MMF, but usually the women in those configurations are a waste of space, too. Burkhart has always been an exception--Love her writing. Her women are intelligent and emotionally balanced--not a twit or basket case in the lot!I was a little leery of a book that leaned as much to femdom as this one promised just because in so many of them the dommes come off as psychotic bitches--I don't enjoy abuse masquerading as power exchange. The relationships between the main characters are definitely symbiotic and NOT parasitic. Recently, I've been finding stories that feature puppy or pony play that is not humiliation driven, but rather a celebration and joyful experience. I was thrilled to find that here in HER GRACE'S STABLES. The interactions between the Duchess of Blackmyre (Violet), Cole and Arthur are beautiful. The dynamics are sexy with one gentle pony and one stallion in the mix under the direction of a firm but loving hand. This is the most sensually erotic pony play I've read. I would have enjoyed even more exploration. Hence the .5 deduction in the rating, but I marked as five stars because it really is more than four.Anyway, the additions to the world building are intriguing and I'm definitely looking forward to another--Please.**Highly recommended to persons with an open mind who enjoy steampunk sci-fi.**~~A copy was provided by the author for a No Glitter Blown review~~