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A Stranger in Skoria - John Tristan Freakadelic! This was a cool twist on space-time travel. I had some doubts briefly with the set up starting in a contemporary setting, but after the worm hole transfer the story stayed beautifully coherent in the new world, Skoria.Jason stumbles into Skoria and is claimed property by the captain of Ugly Rumor. He knows straight off that he's not in Kansas anymore from the surroundings and the oddity of the crew members. Most peculiar is Aedar, a terrifying mammoth of a cyborg. While Skoria is just a continual series of surprises for Jason, he gives Aedar more than one himself. Great characterizations and world building. Enough backstory and reality created that it is easy to allow the mind to fall within the parameters of believability. Ended in a great place with plenty of opportunities for the future to be played out. Definitely looking forward to a sequel.Favorite phrase:“You are…an impossibility,” he said. “That is why I broke a lifetime’s vow to take you.This story is recommended to sweet kinksters who like sci-fi. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews~~A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~