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A Slave in Skoria - John Tristan Love me some action! This one takes off and gets our heroes Aedar and Jason into some new, exciting, and dangerous places. Let's just say that shore leave turns out to be more than Aedar or Jason expected. New character additions--Kira is adorable and lovable and effuses that sexy kitten come hither vibe. And the ending--Awesome! But you're going to have to work for it. Unfortunately, the beginning is rocky and I can imagine a couple readers giving up part way through. The comma fairy in particular seemed to have been set loose in chapter one and flung them everywhere. Luckily, this is quickly resolved and the plots starts to move and by the time your in Freetown there's no looking back. I guess I should mention that this is a kinky book so there are elements of exhibitionism along with the slavery and if you're the kind of person that polyamory just isn't your thing then this maybe a pass. Everyone else, plow through the awkward transitional beginning and enjoy.Recommended to sci-fi loving polyamorists.Favorite quote:With Aedar’s hand on the leash, steering me, I was never afraid, even in the middle of a wild, alien world.Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews~~A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~