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Sea Dogs - Karly Maddison 2.5 starsVery sweet and adorable short story. I like stories that feature unusual shifters and this one fits the bill with a seal and sea wolf as top billing. Maddison does a nice job matching the personality with the animal so that both are expressed in the story; loved how their behaviors reflected their animal.Now sense of humor is an issue here. If like me cornball or puns isn't your schtick then the names of the characters might be too much. Add that to the location names for the towns and you're either chuckling, cringing or both. I was doing all three.Give me anything with a beach and I'm happy--yes, I'm biased. You can take the girl away from the beach, but you can't take the beach out of the girl. The scenery was beautifully done. Downsides to the story? The somewhat annoying use of the misunderstanding trope and the abrupt ending--just when things were getting good with the boys! Ggrrr...Recommended to cornballs who like not your run-of-the-mill shifter stories.Favorite quote:"You know I can down a whole fish in one swallow?" Flash boasted. The wolves next door howled with laughter. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews~~A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~