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My Hostage My Love - Derekica Snake If you've read Snake before then you know where this one is going--someplace dark and painful.This story is filled with pain--emotional, physical and psychological, you know, the usual fare for a Snake novel. Things are not what you think they are and often the ones who love us most are the ones who revel in hurting us--and we've given them the power to do so. There are editing errors, frequent in places and if the twisted turns of this mindful@k weren't as delicious as they were I'd have rated it a 3. So if that will piss you off, pass on it. As messed up, and I'm not using the term glibly, as the characters are, as depraved and cruel as their actions are--I liked each one of them. This is a beautiful foray into godawful codependency. Love it. For Snake devotees this falls somewhere between [b:Cake|9362495|Cake (Blood Nation, #1)|Derekica Snake|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327905653s/9362495.jpg|12930309] and [b:That's What Brothers Do|6716418|That's What Brothers Do|Derekica Snake|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1290257535s/6716418.jpg|6912495] in the plot.The marble kills me in the story. Favorite quotes:"Maybe it’s a test of your skill and mental fortitude to keep it, but if you truly value something – you keep it in a dark secret place."We are what we are to our enemies and the public but also we are human and need some measure of happiness not to wind up blowing our own brains out because of self loathing.