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Fade - Viola Grace Conceptually interesting with a futuristic version of samurai Japan. Akutan is the quintessential lord who's power is never question and comfortable enough wielding it that he has no need to demonstrate it unnecessarily. Amy is talented both in her skills and genetically. Gifted with a power that others would seek to use for their own means, she resists and finds herself in a tight situation. I like that her confidence and self-assurance is born out of experience. That said, there were a couple issues that made this a confusing read. The first scene tries to lose the reader by being too vague in the explanation for the actions that are presently occurring. The transition in the main characters behavior towards each other goes from newly introduced to lovers. For Amy there is no questioning or pondering the future she exists in the now and just accepts everything before her without hesitation. Likewise the climatic scene is confounding as Amy just accepts without conference or question Akutan's decision. She also seems to have acquired a new skill set that was never alluded to previously. Recommended for readers who like the idea of a regency sci-fi romance set in medieval Japan.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews