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The Boys of Summer - Sarah Madison Slow burn.Two men and a plane crash as a catalyst for revealing truths isn't unique, but the storytelling makes it worthwhile. David, the happy-go-lucky Hollywood location scout finds himself surviving a harrowing crash landing with Rick Sutton, the pilot he's cast into his fantasies. Unlike his fantasies, reality kicked them around and David needs to rely on his knowledge gleaned from on-set experiences to help them get rescued and keep Sutton alive.There is some great World War II history included in this story revolving around the Battle of Britain and Alan Turing--enigma fans say, "Woot!" Yep. If you're geeky enough to get that reference then the middle sequence of the book will be interesting.At first the structure of the story was jarring with a contemporary sequence, dream, and return to contemporary sequence. Now a dream sequence doesn't seem like it should be that odd, except that this was a substantial portion of the story, not a single chapter. It was more like three act play, in fact it was a lot like Noh play with the two parts broken by a dream sequence. Overall, I enjoyed the book a lot, but I like history and war. Now, whether or not the structure is successful in the storytelling is up for debate. I loved the dream sequence; it was to me more interesting than the contemporary portions and would have loved a book centered just around it. Recommend for history buffs and readers who can wait for satisfaction.Favorite quote:"The young men came and went like dragonflies, so many, so fast, present for such a brief time that David could not remember their names before they were gone again."~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews