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To See the Sky - L.M. Brown Sexual servitude in a post-apocalyptic future.So much promise. Alas, clumsy execution led to a less than satisfactory experience. All that angst and grit waiting to be exploited set against the glittering backdrop of the privileged few; I had a reimagined 18th century France all cued up.No go.The story had major impediments. The characters weren't deeply developed and were prone to hasty 180 degree attitude shifts. I'm still recovering from the whiplash caused by Ryder's turnabout. I also had issues with the behavior and psychology of the labyrinth denizens and AJ's family's reaction to his temporary work contract--just gonna say...I didn't buy it in the least. Desperation of that level would not maintain the bourgeois values they represented. I'd understand one level down or newly elevated persons in the social hierarchy behaving that way, but not among those whom amount to "untouchable" status. Then there's the deus ex machina that makes an appearance, but actually manages to get woven in somewhat with the epilogue. Overall, I had greater expectations for the story's premise than what was delivered. ~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews