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Love's Cabers Tossed - Ari McKay Two adorable guys make this read sweet and funny with a sidekick that steals the show.Martin's at the games for business, promoting his bakery, Flour Power. Enjoying the lively atmosphere and the view--all those gorgeous tartan-obscured legs on parade when he makes a new friend, Fergus. Now, Fergus is slick and more than a wee bit manipulative, but he has a very fine companion at the games, Lyall.Lyall is a mountain of a man, a prototypical American Highlander. He's massive, he's fun-loving, and he's larger than life. Enjoying time off from his regular persona that he lives the rest of the year, Lyall loves the competing in the games and entertaining the fair attendees with his piping. Thanks to Fergus's meddling he's given the perfect opportunity to woo the shy baker, Martin.Even though they both know they're interested in the other, Martin has doubts that such a hunk would want him. This actually was the one part of the story that grated on me, Martin's constant mental chattering that he wasn't enough of a man for Lyall. I know we all do the math when we scope out potential mates/lovers/etc., but this just seemed to go on past the point of normal self-consciousness. Seriously, when there's this much touching going on I think it safe to say, "Dude, he's really into you."The puns and corny one-liners that pepper this story make a sense of humor requisite or you'll probably just roll your eyes. You also have to be a romantic and enjoy sweet with this one. It's an aawww....story.Recommend to readers with a love of Celtic and a quirky sense of humor.Favorite passage:"But now I’m curious. What sport are you best at?”Martin drew back and fixed him with a deadpan look. “Kilt diving.”~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews