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Sanctuary (New Reality Series, Book One) - Jessica Jarman 2.5 starsFinding life in the After.Grace is on a journey, to escape the savagery of the city she tracks her way to refuge. Alone except for her companion, Callie, they cautiously hike further out. Her destination is the only thing she has left aside from Callie and her rucksack. Along the way she learns that encounters with others, just as desperate or even more so than her, are dangerous. Thus, as she is exhausted one evening, the appearance of two males is not welcomed and met with a friendly rifle greeting. Noah and Ethan manage to convince the pretty young woman to lower her weapon and share the campground with some less than completely honest introductions. They're not the only one keeping information on a need to know basis, Grace has some secrets of her own. All the elements for a survivalist post-apocalyptic tale were there, but the handling was awkward. The dialogue was overly explanatory and the sexual interactions ran through a set series of activities each time they got together. It wasn't quite Ikea sex and it didn't get the heart racing. On the other hand, the journey and the subsequent events they go through together are well done, even if not groundbreaking.Recommended for readers desiring a non strenuous post-apocalyptic scenario.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews