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Tow Blow - William Maltese 2.5 starsPornucopia. Smut adventures of the MM variety.Each chapter is an episode in William Maltese life. Adventures on the job as a agency hooker and the minor mishaps he gets himself into between jobs. It's during one of these down times when he meets his own personal wet dream, Denny.Now, this is porn. No dilly-dallying and just enough story to weave the episodes loosely together. The language is deliciously crude and unrefined, almost ridiculously so, but it does talk a reader through things, if you get my drift. Includes rimming, docking, and copious amounts of ejaculate.There are substantial copy edit errors with open quotes and phrases starting with quotations that really shouldn't be and causes confusion about what the characters are thinking instead of saying. Though to be fair, it is practically all dirty talking for the first and fourth chapter which read like the script from a telephone sex operator. Honestly, if the reader is interested enough to be reading it, they're probably not checking for grammatical errors. It's clear enough for intentions to be met.Recommend for porn sluts who like all the "inappropriate" verbiage and looking for something new for the spank bank.Favorite quote:You would think anyone really “into” doing “it” with someone a few social-grades down, would actually head on out and find the real McCoy. It’s the illusion of slumming they like, not the actuality.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews