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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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The Lion and the Crow - Eli Easton Christ. Is William's horse named after Tristan, of Tristan and Isolde--so sexy. Beautiful use of language. Witty and playful and utterly charming to read. The slang, the insults and just the general ambiance was engaging.William so sensible and yet, terribly insensible about other matters. Stupid man.Christian, brilliant with a bow and fearless, but I'd have heart attacks keeping track of him.On a quest they set out; some wish them well, most don't care, but a few hope for the worst. There is intrigue, love, and evil that they have to face down. In the end, there are decisions to be made and the resolution is perfect.Favorite quotes:Beauty was most oft lazy.“They call you the lion. I wouldn’t have expected you to be such a dog-hearted coward.”--Oh...snap!LINK to read The Lion and the Crow, a part of Love Has No Boundaries, an M/M Romance event